PrivacyMatters.comSM Adds Family Safety Report to Its Leading Online Consumer Destination for Credit Reports, Credit Scores and Identity Theft Protection Services

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Norwalk, CT —, a leading online destination for credit management and identity theft protection services, announces its re-launch with a new look, updated features, and a new program — Family Safety Report. The new offers easy accessibility to discounted credit reports and credit scores from the three business bureaus, credit monitoring alert service for Privacy Matters members, plus a content rich credit learning center with credit and identity theft educational features available to every visitor.†

Part of's renovation strategy focused on enhancing the website's consumer friendliness by making the visitor's experience faster, easier and more productive. With identity theft cases rising and early credit management becoming more popular and family safety concerns at the forefront of parents' minds, easy usability is the core of and the Privacy Matters line of products.

Consumers visiting have easy access to Free Triple Bureau Credit Reports and Triple Bureau Credit Scores in one simple report; credit, identity, family safety and security products; and key information to help them protect their credit, safegaurd their families and prevent identity theft. Privacy Matters' top-of-the line products, Privacy Matters 1-2-3, Privacy Matters Identity and Family Safety Report, can also be accessed at

Privacy Matters 1-2-3 assists members in managing their credit profile by providing unlimited access to their 3-in-1 credit report and credit scores. Members are automatically enrolled in a credit monitoring protection program that provides daily updates to changes on their credit file. The product also offers members-only discounts on a variety of products and services. Since each credit bureau reports a different credit score, Privacy Matters 1-2-3 comes in handy, helping members understand the differences of each. The product also provides tips and resources to help fix any discrepancies that may have a negative impact on their credit score. Visit Privacy Matters 1-2-3.

Privacy Matters Identity provides members with the security and peace of mind they need to protect themselves against identity theft. Daily monitoring and accessibility to public records and alerts regarding suspicious activities affecting identity information are just some of the benefits offered by the Privacy Matters Identity program. Visit Privacy Matters Identity.

Family Safety Report offers members immediate access to registered sex offender lists that pinpoint home and work addresses for criminals convicted of sex offenses, including rape, pedophilia and other sexual crimes. Members can also receive e-mails that alert them whenever registered sex offenders move into neighborhoods that individual members have identified as areas of concern to them. Visit Family Safety Report.

Privacy Matters, including credit card debt, identity theft and family safety, are an ongoing national concern. According to a Federal Reserve report, the total revolving debt for American consumers in December 2008 amounted to over $963 billion, and TransUnion reported in that same month that the total bankcard debt per bankcard borrower was $5,710. Another study by the Identity Theft Resource Center reported that there were 656 reported data breaches in 2008, a 47% increase from the 446 breaches reported in 2007. Given today's volatile economy, with unemployment figures rising and disposable income dropping, identity theft incidents are expected to continue to rise. Furthermore, statistics suggest that a sexual assault occurs every two minutes in the United States. provides members with the tools needed to fight these trends. With Privacy Matters' credit monitoring, identity theft prevention and family safety features, members of Privacy Matters' products know their credit and identity are in the right hands at

About is a leading online destination for credit management and identity theft protection services. It educates consumers on the truths of identity theft and credit management by providing visitors and members with the latest news on identity theft and credit management, access to educational articles, and Privacy Matters 1-2-3 and Privacy Matters Identity. These programs include unlimited access to 3-in-1 credit reports and scores, daily Triple Bureau credit monitoring, identity theft monitoring services and more. For more information visit

† Neither, Privacy Matters 1-2-3, Privacy Matters Identity nor Family Safety Report nor any of their benefit providers are in the business of, or receive any fee for, credit repair services., Privacy Matters 1-2-3, Privacy Matters Identity and Family Safety Report are not credit repair or credit services organizations or businesses or credit clinics, as defined by federal and state law, nor are any of their benefit providers.

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