How Do I Find Sex Offenders in My Area?

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Parents across America have the same nagging questions on their minds: Do convicted pedophiles, child molesters, rapists and sex offenders live in my area? On my block? Near my children's schools? Thankfully, many websites offer you the tools needed to find the answers to these very serious questions — fast, free and only a click away.

With the advent of the National Sex Offender Registry, you can easily access free sex offender search programs to help you locate convicted sex offenders living and working near your home and family.

How to find sex offenders living in your community

  1. Visit a website that offers a free sex offender search.
  2. Enter your zip code.
  3. View a detailed map pinpointing where registered sex offenders live and work in your neighborhood.

Get the most out of free sex offender searches

Some sex offender databases don't include vital components like pictures or maps, so be sure to find one that does. Searches like the one at the National Sex Offender Registry feature maps color-coded by crime, as well as maps showing home and work addresses. You can also find detailed sex offender information on each person listed, including pictures, names, known aliases, convictions and the sex offenders' ages today and at time of the crime.

Even thorough sex offender searches have flaws

The biggest flaw of any free sex offender search is that it's only as good as the information fed into the database. While authorities update the sex offender registry daily, it's never 100-percent accurate. Sex offenders are required to notify police whenever they move, but they can't be counted on to do so.

People move every day, so it's up to you to check registries for sex offenders in your area regularly to stay on top of who's living near you.

The benefits of sex offender monitoring services

Life is busy, but your family's safety should never come second. Signing up for a service that automatically notifies you whenever sex offenders move into or out of your area will help you stay in the know about your community 365 days a year.

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